Training Camp For The Austin Wranglers

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Austine Wranglers Football Team organized a training camp in the wild life sanctuary. The training camp lasted for a period of three months. It was arranged to improve on some skills among the players including: working together, listening skills, Communication skills, time and self management skills among others.

It was a difficult yet enjoyable period as some team members shared. The most challenging part for the players was living simple life they were not used to. They had to wake up at four in the morning to do work outs so as to keep themselves fit and they were not eating the junk food they were used to in town. During the day, they were asked to do a number of difficult exercises which were extremely challenging.

The most memorable experience during the training camp was getting the opportunity to come across nature for those who are lovers of nature. There were a couple of wild animals. nature trails and viewing birds.

After the collapse of the three months, they were in sync with that kind of life and they incorporated the skills acquired in their day to day life. They were fit health wise thanks to the activities they performed during the training camp.
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