Austin Wranglers Make Changes To Their Mascot

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The Austin Wranglers were a team within the Arena Football league or AFL. This team was located in Austin, Texas. They were a part of this league from 2004 until 2007. They then played one year, in 2008, within the AF2 league, which is a developmental league of the AFL.

The mascot that had been chosen for this team when it began in 2004 was a horse that had been named Blaze. In 2005, the team had made an addition to their mascot and had added a cowboy named Red Eye. This addition to the mascot team had eyes that glowed red, which helped in giving him his name.

When an AFL expansion team was formed in Utah in 2006, they choose their name to be the Blaze. The Austin Wranglers then decided to change the name of their mascot to avoid any confusion within the league or with their fans. The name they then choose for their horse was Trigger. In addition to this name change, they had also changed the appearance of the horse which basically give them a new mascot. This horse had more of a wild appearance to it. This remained their mascot through the remainder of the years as a team.

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