Top 5 Games For The AFL Team

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The AFL Team has five top major games to play this season. The first team they will tackle is The Lions Team . If one can remember, the last time these two teams met, lions beat AFL two goals to one. They are hoping that this time round they will win .

Next on line will be the United Team match which is scheduled to take place in two one weeks time. This team is well known for its tactics while in the pitch. They are a force to reckon with when it comes to matters of football. The AFL Team will have to up their game as they will be the hosts.

In two weeks time AFL will be facing the All Blacks at the International Stadium. They will have to win this game in order to proceed to the next stage.

AFL Team will play with Black Cats in the group stages next. This match will determine the team that will clinch the President’s Cup.

The International Premier League will be the ultimate match of the season. The winning team in this match will be crowned the best team in the continent. The AFL team are definitely a team to watch out for.

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